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Foundation Repair Questions: How Do You Fix Uneven Floors?

Have you ever had a problem where the floor seems uneven or it’s like you’re walking downwards? If you’ve experienced this, chances are, your floors are uneven.

Slanted and dipped slopes are unfortunately uncommon in old homes. If you notice that over the course of 5-15 feet your floors are going down, it might be slanted. Contacting a foundation repair company will help you solve the foundation problems for this.

But if the floor is level but there are sags, then those parts of the floor are dipped. Your foundation for this might not be the primary problem. It could be a beam below your floor that needs fixing or a floor leveling compound to fix the dip itself.

Identify the Flooring Issues

To find the parts that need fixing, try the marble method. You simply drop a few marbles on the floor and see if they consistently roll on a particular side of the room or in a dip on the floor.

If you have an access to a foot carpenter’s level, check several areas of your floor by seeing if there are gaps under the center of the level (could be a dip), or if it moves back on forth (could be a slant).

Now it’s time to determine whether this is a simple DIY project or if you need an assistance of a repair company. If the problem comes from the age of the materials, it could be something you can fix yourself but if you see foundational issues like cracked beams, you might want to consider professional help for your floors.

Fix for Slanted Floors

While there are other options for leveling a slanted floor, raising the part of your home is always a better solution that will surely fix future problems like this. Aside from fixing your sloped floor, you also repair the home’s foundation making it safer and more strong.

Fix for Floor Dips

If there are no structural issues, you may be able to level your floor by pouring self-leveling underlayment. If you decide on this solution, make sure that the self-leveling compound products are compatible with your floor.

Find help in foundation repair not just for your uneven floors, but for the stuck doors and windows that may occur every now and then!

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