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Cracked Concrete Wall


Are you looking to repair an existing foundation or start a new ADU project? We have the right experience and know-how-to get it done right. 

Screw Piles For Underpinning

Strengthening the existing foundation of a structure will save you thousands of dollars versus replacing the entire foundation!

Underpinning becomes necessary when a foundation can no longer fully support the load of the structure that rests upon it.

At GoliathTech, we manufacture special underpinning brackets to stabilize and/or lift sunken structures. Our helical piles are planted deeply into the ground beneath the structure until they reach dense, compact, and stable soil. Underpinning the foundation stabilizes and gives increased strength to the building’s structure over time.

Screw piles for underpinning drawing

New Construction Projects

Are you adding a new porch or living space and are concerned about how you can do these projects?  Avoid the concrete bottleneck and explore the Helical option.  Our low impact and no excavation foundation is faster, cleaner, and much less disruptive than traditional solutions. Our piles and custom brackets are designed to work with any type of structure.  If one of the over 2500 bracket options we have won't work we will custom design one that will.   The right solution every time. Strength and Know-How.

Small Structure new construction project

New Helical Pile Foundation

Helical piles are a form of prefabricated deep foundation. As hinted in its name, helical piles differ from other deep foundations and are most notable for having spiraling blades along their shafts, as opposed to having a relatively uniform shape like driven piles and micropiles.

Helical Pile foundation
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